Aevrudormu, an abandoned bastard whelp left to fend for himself, grows up to enter the draconic council of Alexstrasz the Red, but how did this change come to be? Let us find out.

  • An Amulet starts to shine, as a bronze-wyrm roars*

Aevrudormu's history.

Aevrudormu grew up from an abandoned egg, a bastard child left to fend for himself in the daring, scorching deserts of Silithus, found by a group of adventurers he was taken back to Ferelas where he was taken care of by the Green Dragonflight, as years passed by he was nurtured and cared by all, but it was time for him to realize what truly happened to him..and where he truly belongs,still a whelp he was taken to Tanaris, later to be raised there slowly learning Chronomancery from the Elder-Bronzes, he was named "Aevrudormu" by his care-taker "Nydormu", as Nydormu taught him Chronomancery and Mental strength, the other wyrms taught him Physical strength and flight, in the years later he became a drake , now with mediocore control over time, and normal physical strength and the ability to fly, Aevrudormu was tasked by the Bronze to help the rest of the dragonflights with the first "War of the Shifting Sands", as he learned more about his past and more about the other dragonflights and their enemies. Aevrudormu slowly started to learn how to breath Sand and Control Lightning at that time, using Silithus as his perfect training area, as he was tasked he grew to be skilled in diplomacy and peace between all Dragon kind and even Mortals, specefically the Kal'Dorei. As he grew up to be a fine dragon, Aevrudormu would soon see Nydormu pass of age, in his death bed beneath the Caverns of Time, Nydormu was burried, Aevrudormu forged an Amulet in his memory, holding some of the powers Nydormu controlled, As the years passed and Aevrudormu grew up to be a fine strong Dragon, he had heard of the alliance of dragonflight within Alexstrasz's leadership, Son of the great Proto, Galakrond. He was eager to help Alexstrasz against the scourge and the corrupt Twilight and Black, as the years past Aevrudormu was promoted from a warrior to join the great Dragon Council, his Strength and Intelligence was spotted by Alexstrasz and the rest of the Heirs.Now very old of age, Weaker in Physical Strength, a master of Mental Strength, Aevrudormu is the Bronze-Dragonflight Councilor of Alexstrasz's Dragons.


Aevrudormu is the least person you'd expect to fight with, Aevrudormu's soul one of the most gentle and peaceful souls to exist, his personality is very generous and giving, kind too. In his Mortal-form illusion Aevrudormu is shown as an elderly man, with snow-white skin wearing a yellow-green garb and staff, representing his flight, In his dragonkin form, You will notice his light-bronze colored skin and green-dots around his body, his horns very sharp and his tail huge, and heavy. His wings ragged and damaged. A Wyrm that has a life left to enjoy with others.

Ok man, this backstory is...its just...i cant honestly let you join in good conscience if this is what you give me. If you seriously want to be in the guild (idk why you left were going live this weekend) re-edit this, follow the template im going to make, and follow the instructions on the new backstory site. If you can fix all the errors and grammar mistakes...and the story...i'll consider giving you your position back.

Things to change in the story:

1: Greens would NEVER raise a Bronze. Ever.

Reason: A; Nozdormu would resent Ysera for allowing one of his own to remain with those not of his own flight, causing a rift between the two that has never existed. B; The Green Dragonflight would never teach those not of their own flight their secrets. Thats means no "phasing" into the Dream and no "shooting lightning". Atleast not for a Bronze. i'd expect it from a red or a blue, since they both use magic to fight, but not a bronze. Why cast magic when time can solve all problems?

2: No using other flight's abilities. This goes for EVERYONE. Just because you can claim to have been raised by a different flight (which would NEVER happen) doesnt mean you get that flight's abilities. I cant be a red raised by blacks and shoot magma from my mouth. It just doesnt work. Try either sandstorms, or "blinking" through time. Thats what bronzes do.

3: Follow the template Exactly. If you do, and take your time to watch and edit for grammatical flops, you'll be rewarded with a backstory that with get you +rep with people.

Remember, i'd LIKE to re-invite you, but i can't knowing this is what you'll be using. Were not that kinda guild anymore. Good luck.

1.I suppose I did fuck up with that, but as I said..Bronzes command Lightning, I guess greens would because of nature..but yeah check WoWwiki

2. ...Go up to 1, Bronzes command lightning :D Bronzes breathed lightning in WC3, probly because blizz didnt know what to give them. Sincce theres been no mention of it in WoW, i'm going to assume they can't, so dont include it please.

3. I know, I fucked up with grammar. I'm sorry, I'll try to fix it in my free time. I'm much better ICLY.

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