The Red Dragonflight has long been a valuable defender of Azeroth. In the years after the betrayel of Neltharion, it was the Reds who worked hardest to maintain peace in the world. Than the Orcs came and Nekros Skullcrusher was lead to the hidden Demon Soul by Neltharion. Using the evil artefact, Nekros captured Alexstrasza, the Dragonqueen and her prime consorts. Eventually she was freed by Rhonin Dragonheart and the efforts of her now prime consort, Korialstrasz. Today many of the Red Flight reside in Wyrmrest Temple fighting for the Accord and the Dragon Lords. As a Red you'll be expected to understand the value of Life and the importance of the remaining Aspects and offspring of Galakrond. The Reds are a proud Dragonflight and are the only ones who haven't gone against their Oath to protect Azeroth. They are a terror in combat and are fiercely loyal to Alexstrasza.
Red Dragonflight

The Red Dragonflight

The Red Dragonflight

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